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Four Serums For All Your Needs Hydration, Brightening, Glow, Firming

With natural ingredients

Hello my Beauty Patooties

Yup, so much excitement in my skincare world, and I want to share some exciting news and exciting new products that I have discovered. I believe our skin deserves natural ingredients and Three Ships Beauty has it all. Your skin will love this skincare.

Our Skin Deserves Natural Ingredients

Three Ships Beauty is a gem of a company, woman-owned, and is looking out for us by creating natural, healthy, and certified cruelty-free, approved by the Leaping Bunny, products. I’ve only recently discovered Three Ships Beauty skincare products and their natural ingredients. A friend of mine introduced me to them a few months ago and I fell in love right away.

Cruelty-Free By The Leaping Bunny

The ingredients are 100% Plant-Derived and this is cool, you can follow the journey of every product with SourceMapping. These two gals, Connie and Laura are making a difference and I decided that I can too by buying these natural, effective, skincare products and making a difference in a small way. Now that’s exciting too.

What My 50+ Skin Needs

I’m in the 50+ category and I look for products at a reasonable price, and most importantly, that work on my skin and make it feel and look healthy is not an easy feat. I have wasted more products than I can count and that means my money went in the garbage. I made a pact with myself that I would no longer waste money on products. If I buy something I finish it!

Beautiful Skin With Natural Ingredients

My friend raved about Three Ships Beauty. We are the same age but have different skincare needs. She loved how the products worked for her and saw a big difference in her skin. I took a look at the website, carefully reviewed the products, and took the skin quiz. The quiz is a great tool to see what products are suited to your skin type that way you will get what your skin needs, no wasting or buying the wrong products. It turns out my now beautiful skin loves these natural ingredients.

Love this skincare natural ingredients serums glow dew drops boost hydrate three ships beauty  beautiful skin great news

I’m a big believer in serums. I think you need good serums, with healthy ingredients to penetrate your skin and make a difference. Then you put on your moisturizer and maybe another serum to seal the deal. So here I go, I buy two serums, the Glow Serum, which my friend said was a must, and the Dew Drops Serum. I felt that these two serums would give me a good idea as to whether these products are good for my skin concerns, and needs.

These Serums Address My Skincare Needs, Do Yours?

Three Ships Beauty Dew Drops Serum mushroom hyaluronic acid vitamin c

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

I need a lot of hydration and more hydration, with some mushroom hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and Kakadu plum, sounds yummy, and my skin gets brightened, and plumped up with hydration with Dew Drops Serum. Just the word Dew says hydrate, right? These two serums address my skincare needs, thank you Three Ships, my skin is beautiful and I feel beautiful.

Three Ships Beauty Glow Serum 49% jojoba oil plump radiant smooth

Radiant, Plump, Smoother Skin

My pores were also an issue for me, they are big and bothersome, I read that Glow Serum addresses that issue, I was so happy it would also add hydration with Vitamin E and camellia oil, I was sold. Beautiful skin here I come. I discovered it is also perfect under my cream makeup and because it’s lightweight and absorbs quickly, it’s amazing!

Mature Skin Can Look And Feel Amazing

My skin has never felt better. I look radiant, my skin feels and looks plump, and it’s smoother. I’ll be looking twenty years younger in a few months.

Having used many products over my 55 years. I have worked for some top cosmetic companies and in my opinion, Three Ships is unique in its mission and delivers beauty in a bottle.

Follow this link LYNNTAYLOR20 take the Skin Quiz and get 20% off at checkout. I’m sharing the Three Ships love with you my Beauty Patooties.

I will keep you posted on more products and my love affair with ThreeShips?

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