How to Start Your Day with A Positive Mindset

Quiet morning ritual through mindfulness
Quiet morning ritual through mindfulness

You hear the alarm go off and your mind starts to going 100 miles an hour. This can set the tone for your day and it can often be overwhelming. Here is a simple guide to a mindful morning routine that will help you start your day positive and stay present calm and focused to have a positive day.

The mind needs to wake slowly, in calmness and time to reprogram to wake mode. If you wake up rushing in your head before you are even out of bed or as your feet hit the floor, you’ll be exhausted by the time you leave the house. We can quiet our mind by being in the present moment.

Mindful Moment

What does that look like you ask?

When you wake up, open your eyes and say thank you. You made it to another day, that is awesome. A good reason to celebrate. Recognizing this means you were in the moment. It sounds easy or maybe crazy but I’m telling you, it works.

It can also be as simple as holding your cup of coffee, feeling the warmth of the cup, smelling it and feeling the steam on the end of your nose. You’re in the moment, so cool!

It is also a form of meditation.  That is my morning ritual, coffee in bed, slowly waking up saying thank you. This is how I start my day with a positive mindset.

I’ve been waking up this way for eight years now.  Work mornings and weekends, it is a must because for me, it sets the tone for a positive day ahead with a quiet, present mind. I call it my Mindful Morning Routine.

Our Minds are Powerful

Our thoughts often have us in the past or the future. What’s past you can’t do anything about so forget about it. The future is an illusion because you’re not there and you can only imagine what it could be like, key word IMAGINE. It’s fantasy land, not real, you are not there so why not be where you are, it’s your moment, don’t miss it, you can’t get it back.

What would you like your day to look like?

Picture it and get the mental image. Imagine the feeling, the tone of your day.  When we visualize what we want our day to look like we send the message out and it’s also in our consciousness.  There is a greater chance of your day unfolding as you see it.  It will remind you of what you would like your day to be like because you have set it up in your mind.

When you see yourself getting overwhelmed, sit back and be still, look around and see the colors, smell the air, feel the warmth of the sunshine. Whatever you are doing, stop and just be.

My Introduction to Mindfulness

When I first heard about mindfulness it was from one of my mentors author Jon Kabat-Zinn.  I saw him on tv in an interview and I ordered one of his books and began to practice being present in every moment.  His teachings brought me freedom and peace.  It has changed my life and how I react to situations and how my mind is calmer when I am in the here and now. 

Below I share a short YouTube video with Jon Kabat-Zinn and you’ll find many more that I hope will bring you peace within. 

My advice, don’t get overwhelmed, just breath, start slowly and watch Mindfulness transform you.

Jon Kabat-Zinn will help get you to a Positive Mindset with Meditation and Mindfulness

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A Lynn Taylor Connection

Lynn Taylor

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  1. Wendy says:

    So true! Having a routine in the morning, although very simple as it may seem, is a great way to set the right tone to my day. And I love that you mention using the senses to bring us back to the present moment when my mind plays havoc on my serenity. Smelling the coffee, petting my cats and taking care of them, enjoying every morsel of my breakfast (yes, taking the time to eat properly), making myself look, smell, and feel good before going to work are what keeps me focused on caring for myself. I’d like to challenge myself to include a little reading this year: something inspirational, humorous, thought provoking. Thanks for reminding me, Lynn.

    • Lynn Taylor says:

      Hi Wendy,
      I am happy that my post resonated with you. I like having reminders to be present in my life too. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment xo

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