A Love Letter To My Body

heart love letter
A Love Letter

Dear Body,

I have not taken the time to acknowledge how important you are to me, and how I could not do this without you.

You have been my constant throughout my life. You supported me when I could not and carried me through my painful times in life. You are there without judgment.

You are always following my lead and supporting my decisions. I see now that when I make choices that hurt you you react and I ignore you. I think that if I push you away, deep down inside, maybe you won’t see me but you do.

You have been my biggest gift, and my biggest lesson, my heart is grateful. I’m happy to say that it’s over, it’s been long enough. No more hiding, no more judgment of you. You are beautiful as you are.

I am awake now. I hear you, I feel you and I am so very grateful for you. I promise that I will treat you with the respect, love, and compassion you deserve. I will no longer criticize you or judge you.

Your love is unconditional and pure. A love I sometimes feel my actions are not worthy of.

There is nothing more beautiful than a friend who is always by your side. Loving us as we are. I am never alone, even though I felt that way sometimes but now I see you and I am making a commitment to you to be a better friend.

Body, I admire your strength, your wisdom, and your devotion to me. You bring me comfort, you are amazing!

Thank you doesn’t seem like it’s enough for all you have done for me Body.

I am proud of you for not giving up on me.

With unconditional love and respect and a grateful heart!


Your Soul

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