Welcome To My Blog – A Journey To Living and Loving Our Truth

Hi Everyone, I am Lynn Taylor, creator of Live An Awesome Life, A Lynn Taylor Connection. Welcome to my blog. A journey to Living and Loving your truth.

I am so happy you stopped in to join me. I am embarking on my new journey as a Blogger. Soon to come, Podcaster, that you will also find on my blog. Come, enjoy, get inspired, and laugh with me along the way.

I have always loved to write. To either tell a story, share an experience, or inspire others in some way. I think that sharing our story often inspires someone and that gives me great pleasure.

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My Writing Comes From “Living My Truth”

Over the past several years I started to write and build a blog. It just wasn’t the right time. A firm believer that when it is time, you will know, you will feel and hear the calling. Now is the time because I feel it inside me and it feels really good. Being in tune with myself, I listen to that voice within, the honest, sometimes nagging, sometimes pain in butt voice. But it is always the TRUTH, even if we don’t want to hear it.

I’m sure most of you are reading this and nodding your head going, oh yes, she is bang on. We all have had this experience, many times over. Why do we not listen to that voice inside? That’s a whole other post, stay tuned for that one.

A Lynn Taylor Connection

Here you will find me talking about: Life experiences, sharing ways to Live An Awesome Life. We are all privy to live joyful lives. Valuable lessons learned and how to move forward into a good, positive life. How to change a mindset that no longer serves you. Most of all Living and Loving our truth is important to reach our full potential.

Let’s Grow Together

My dear readers, please join the conversation, and share your thoughts, ask your questions. I do not pretend to have all the answers. Because I have my life experiences, I can talk about how I have grown as a person with advice from my mentors. My life has been an interesting journey. I am grateful because it has brought me to where I am today, a life that I truly love.

My goal is that this blog brings you self knowledge, hope, inspiration, self-love, peace. That it lights a fire in your soul. Propels you on your path to a purposeful life filled with joy. Let’s begin our journey together.

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A Lynn Taylor Connection